Do you have a passion for eating Italian…I mean REALLY eating Italian?

At  Pentimento we offer all of the elements to make your dining experience as authentic as you can get, outside of actually being in Italy!

Let’s start with our name, Pentimento, inspired by the spirit of mother-nature, reflects the seasonal progression by creating seasonal menus conceived by owner Dennis Young and Chef Chelsea Taylor. Like the seasons, each menu is merely a layer on the culinary canvas they have been painting on for more than thirty years. If one looks closely you can see through all of those layers and find a covered essence, a pentimento.

Like all true Italian fare, the soul of each dish is derived from the region and embodied by the finest imported and local, natural and organic ingredients and animated with passion in the hands that prepare them.

The next ingredient is the easiest to remember….it’s simplicity. You see, the complexity of Italian cuisine is its simplicity – an important element that we bring to our restaurant. Using minimal and high quality ingredients and showcasing their flavors is one of our core philosophies at Pentimento.

Next we add some vini, “The Nectar of Gods.” Our wine program is extensive, yet simple. Every palette is different and whether you like to sip a glass of a new world Chardonnay or you’d rather accompany your meal with an old world Amarone, our sommelier and beverage director David Marzano will ensure each sip will be a memorable one.

Last, but not least, we add comfort at our restaurant. Italian food needs to be enjoyed in an atmosphere that beckons family and friends to sit at the table; to savor, talk, drink and celebrate.

That atmosphere in our restaurant, is one of the essential ingredients that we focus on to make sure you have a pleasurable dining experience. All of these ingredients combined with our outstanding service, directed by the general manager Lisa Cusumano, results in a very unique guest experience.

We look forward to serving you soon.